cheese slice safe to eat during pregnancy?

Would those cheese slices be safe to consume during pregnancy?

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Most say hard cheeses (E.g. block cheese) and sliced cheese from pasteurized milk are fine, as they have less water content and less likely to breed bacteria. Personally I've been taking sliced cheeses pretty often. Only in second tri i introduced other soft cheeses but limited variety and infrequently. If I want to eat soft cheeses, I do my best to check the label to ensure that pasteurized milk is used. I've avoided blue cheese for now, primarily cause a lot of the ones that I want to buy doesn't come labeled with ingredient list and I can't verify the content. There's an article from UK'S national healthcare system :)

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Coon natural cheese slices is gd, it’s not processed cheese. Can be found in NTUC, selling at $8.15. A pack of 12 slices.

Yes as long as pesturised. I eat slices cheese with my toast and avocado 4-5 times a week! Love melted cheese!

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Yes. These are THE safest cheese. They’re processed to death so nothing live in them that can be harmful le

Should be as long as it is pasterized. I still consume it as per normal.

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It would be stated on the packaging.

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Can. As long as not blue cheese type should be alright.

For milk products, safe to eat as long as pasteurised

Yup they are safe as long as they are pasteurised.

Yes. Pasteurized cheese slices r safe.

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yes i was craving for that lol hahaha