Brest milk vs formula milk

hello there please help me can I mix FM and BM at one time in the same bottle and then feed my baby my supply is too low only 5ml per pumping session

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Tulis jawapan

No, you cant mix it at same bottle. Is either you give 1 formula milk per session or breast milk per session. Shall you want keep breastfeeding, pump regularly like 3-4 hour once and do consume right foods to boost up your breast milk quantity. Papaya and pumpkin work well for me.

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Hi mommy you can't mix formula milk n breast milk. You can however mix breast milk pumped on the same day as long the temperature are the same when mixing.

3y ago

no, u can't mix formula n breast milk. you can only breast milk pumped at 3pm+ 7pm. to make it enough for the baby.