Occasional sharp pain

Hi there, I am currently at 9 weeks and have been feeling an occasional sharp pain at my lower right stomach. It comes here and there just for a second or two and goes away. Doesn’t cause distress, but wondering if this a sign of a bigger issue? Thanks.!

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I experienced it during week 8 to week 10 too! All is fine. But if you're worried, maybe you can call the gynae to check. :)

All is fine unless the pain goes too much that u couldn't tolerate.its all a part of your growing tummy

its probably round ligament pain; and it gonna stick around for quite sometime 😂

3y ago

it happened to me way back in first tri! And now that im in 2nd,... it’s still going on strong. #OhWell...

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I experience that before. It’s fine unless it become unbearable

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I experienced that too, currently 9 weeks as well.

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normal, unless it doesn't go away then need to see ur gynae

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Yes me too, dull pain perhaps due to the stretching

Might just be round ligament pain!