Sharp pain at week 10

I am at week 10. I have been feeling cramp for the past two days and today I am having sharp pain, from lower abdomen to left side. Is it normal? I’m worried. I am on my way to Batam with family, if there is a need to see a doctor there, is there any gynae? Will it be costly?

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I actually experienced sharp pains or cramps only at one side of the lower tummy during my early stage of pregnancy. I was worried for ectopic pregnancy initially but my gynae couldn't find a cause to it and told me everything's all good. It could probably be due to Uti as well. I would suggest you to visit your gynae and do a check so at least you will have an ease of mind before your trip too

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Hi.. previously I had sharp pain also and went to the clinic. Was suspected miscarriage or etopic pregnancy so was sent to kkh immediately. In the end turned out to be having a 9x8cm fibroid, which is currently still in me, with my growing baby. So yeah...pls do check to be safe.

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Do see a gynae from kk hospital asap, take care

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I would see a gynae if I were you.

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Best to see a reliable dr.