Are there any places you highly DO NOT recommend taking/sending your kids to in Singapore?

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AVOID going to "SpurBox" (Pomo Shopping Centre, #05-01). My friend and I had already booked and fully paid for an 11am baking class for our daughters and we were there 10mins early to register. However, there was not a single staff member in sight and we were shocked to see that the venue was in such a mess with toys, rubbish, and other items just strewn all over the lobby and kitchen floor and also stacked up on the tables. We made numerous attempts to call the mobile number provided but there was no answer. After waiting for more than half an hour, a staff member finally strolled in. We told her we were there for the 11am class as stated on the website and our invoice, but she seemed to be completely clueless about this. So she checked on her computer and told us that apparantly she had booked us for another class instead on the weekend, and (quote) "that's why we never sent you a confirmation email". Was this to imply that it was therefore OUR fault for turning up to this class even though we had already paid for it in full and have an issued invoice BUT did not receive a confirmation email?? And if she did indeed supposedly book us on the wrong date, then wouldn't she still have sent out a confirmation email which would have the incorrect date stated? But we did not receive anything! She made a VERY weak apology and it was only after we demanded a refund, she agreed to do so. It took us 1 hour to travel to the venue and we took time out from work to bring our children to this class hoping to have a fun bonding session with them, only to be thoroughly disappointed and not even offered any compensation at all whatsoever. The staff member informed us that there was another class that day at 3pm that we could join (instead of the 11am class), but we definitely had no intention of waiting around for another 4 HOURS for that after already been so inconvenienced, plus we had already made other plans for the rest of the day. No further apologies were given and nothing more was said to us as we had to explain to our children that the baking class they had been looking forward to was not going to happen after all. As we were leaving, still nobody said a word to us, not even a proper and more sincere apology, not even an offer of compensation such as a waiver for the fees of the next class or anything. But to be honest, after seeing how messy the place was, we are quite concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of this place and would not want our children to be preparing or eating food there anyway. Extremely disappointed and also furious at how poorly this situation was handled by SpurBox. I DO NOT recommend this place to anyone at all and will never set foot there ever again.

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Wah this is really shocking. Should post this on sites to inform other moms too.

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Oh dear! That looks like an abandoned facility. Look at that mess!