Love Languages

There are five love languages. 1. Words of affirmation 2. Quality time 3. Physical touch 4. Receiving gifts 5. Acts of service Each person has a primary love language that we must learn to speak if we want that person to feel loved. Me, my love language is acts of service. My husband love language is words of affirmation and my son is physical touch. How about you? What's your love language? #LoveLanguage

Love Languages
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I believe that sometimes the one you want to receive maybe different than the one you may want to give. In my case, top in my list is Giving gifts, while for receiving top is Acts of service.

sa pre marriage counseling namin nilecture Yan 😁pinili ni hubby quality time since kulang kami dun dahil same kaming working and off nmin Hindi Rin pareho Ng araw 😁

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My husband is physical touch, act of service. My son is physical touch and words of affirmation. And me words of affirmation, time and I can say act of service

Me and my husband's primary love languages are Quality time, acts of service, Physical touch, words of affirmation. Receiving gifts is a bonus 😊

My primary love language is Quality time followed by Acts of Service. Si hubby ko naman Physical touch and Quality time. 😊

I feel loved by act of service. si hubby words of affirmation. pero pinaparamdam Niya love Niya by gifts..

Im thankful kasi lahat to, meyrun sa husband ko 😊 Sinusuklian ko din kung anu magpapasaya sa kanya ❀

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me act of service and quality time, my daughter is physical touch and my husband is word of affirmation and physically touch

My love language is acts of service, too! Hubby appreciates quality time, touch and words of affirmation. ❀️🐻🐼

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Physical Touch si Hubby, apakalambing niya. Akin naman Quality Time and Affirmation πŸ₯°