Is it a yes?

There's a faint line on my pregnancy test kit. Does it mean I'm pregnant?

Is it a yes?
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Yes. If u still in very early stages of pregnancy, it will show up as faint line. As the pregnancy progresses, the line will be darker when u test it again.

3y ago

The line will be darker after 2 weeks past your due period.

Almost a yes mummy!! Can get another test kit to confirm later part of the day or tmr morn!

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Yes it does. Wait 2 more days and check again in morning

Yes. But do visit a doctor to confirm it.

Congrats to you and family😊😍😉

Seem like it! Get a check at gynae

Can redo the test another few dyas

Congrats! Yes u r preggy mummy

Yes looks like it :) congrats

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Look like a Yes! Congrats!!