any recommendations for baby car seat and breast pump?

thanks in advance

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Tulis jawapan

I've been using cheapest unknown brand and connected to freemie. To me brand or no brand, the main thing is that the funnel is match yours and you comfortable with it. and the pump is easier to maintain and carry around. sometimes expensive brand need a lot of maintanence. As for baby carseat, I'm not using much as I travel by public transport

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I would choose something which is economical and multifunctional at once. Stroller + Carrier + Car Seat. I found this IG - stroller_lipat_trb where there sells this 3in1 gear. Price is very affordable. I bought from them too.

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for breastpump my sister recommended madela brand to me. she said its not as painful as the other brands.

for baby carseat i would much prefer baby carrier for infant.

yes.. i want to know also for recommendation..