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My baby is almost 2 weeks old. I've given breast milk to him throughout this period. However, I find it quite challenging as its only my husb and I in this house to manage him. Once my husb goes to work, it's just me. I'm thinking of just giving my baby formula milk hence stop breast milk. Is this okay? I feel very guilty but even with BM, baby is not full. So we still need to give Formula milk. Anybody just give formula milk?

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From the initial i had to supply with FM and BM (which wasnt what i had wanted) coz i wanted to fully bf. Fed is best and every one told me no nd stress.. now im dragging my pumps n reducing the number of times since my gal is coming 1yo soon (in 2 mths time). I felt guilty to stop now too 😅 i guess its just mom’s guilt… but its really ok. We have to tink or our mental wellness. Along the way my hb had really wanted me to stop coz mentally i couldnt tahan already

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hi mummy! you're just 2 weeks post partum so your supply is not stable yet. when my baby is 1 mo old, my milk supply dipped so much (because of so much stress) that i have to supplement with fm, which is fine with me. i am a sahm so when my husband goes to work, it's all me. it's challenging but it's something that i chose to do. you can try giving your milk supply some time to adjust to your baby's needs or you can give fm. whichever you choose is okay :).

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try to give alternately between bm and fm because bm is naturally the best food source for baby's growth and development. since you are able to and not in major pain, give while you still cn. alotof health benefits. fm is more. to help you ease abit you find it to taxing to bf. 🤗

BM is good for baby esp during this Covid times. My gynae has been reinforcing to me over and over again. But breastfeeding can be challenging, I fully understand. So I fed my baby BM and formula. BM I stopped after 6 months (min period recommended).

My friend didn't even breastfeed her son, she just give formula milk ever since he's born cos her milk supply not enough. I think formula milk is ok, anyway its designed for infants (0-6mths) too

I gave formula milk after 1 month. no need feel guilty. just do what is good for you and family. happy mum, happy child, happy family

Fed is best! Doesn’t matter if its BM or formula. If u want to do both its possible. Remember happy mum=happy baby.

I stopped breast feeding after 1-2months because it was all too painful draining my mental and physical wellness so I stopped.

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I just stopped pumping or dragged the interval hours for very long and subsequently it stopped producing. I was told not to take medication if not boobs will shrink size by alot.