Starting my baby on solids and he's not enjoying rice cereal at all. Can I put some in his milk bottle to get him used to the taste?

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Please do NOT mix cereal in your baby's milk bottle. If you want to, mix some breastmilk or formula and cereal in a bowl and feed him with a spoon. This is because babies have been known to aspirate cereal because they are not used to drinking anything other than milk through their bottles. If you want to experiment with solids, try getting a food feeder which lets baby gnaw and chew on the food through silicone or mesh. - Munchkin food feeder (available in mesh or silicone)

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Sure, you can do that. Some mummies mixed in their milk and give it to then during feedings. Or perhaps, you'd want to try on other types of solids? Personally, I am skipping cereal as I am giving him pureed veggies/fruits instead. Occastionally he gets bits of steamed mashed peas or blueberries for snacks. I'm using the Philip Avents 2in1 steamer which I got from Takashimaya at about $160+. I find it super useful, just chuck my fruits/veggies in and steam them. I get my breakfast settled that way too

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It will take at least 8 tries before they get used to the taste and texture of new foods. You might want to continue giving plain or added with some fruits or vegetables. Actually, you may add cereals to the milk as well just make sure that the teat is designed for it so it will not clog up.

Please avoid putting cereal in bottle, as baby might choke on the lumpy texture while drinking from bottle. If he is not interested in rice cereal, you can start with fruits/vegetables as suggested by mummy Nooraini. Babies like sweet taste of fruits like avocado, banana, mango and etc.