Milk Stage One

Stage one milk out of stocks everywhere?

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Try those less popular supermarket like cold storage. Anyway price for stage one is the same anywhere since promotion not allowed.

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Most supermarkets have restock. Try visiting supermarkets near you

Hey, Try Redmart and Fairprice online

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I saw supermarkets have restock

Woodland vista point stocks coming and wodland 888 have replenish.

What brand you are looking? NTUC at Seletar Mall replenish quite fast, I managed to buy Bellamy's Organic stage 1 and 2

Yes... Utill I wen to Mustafa Centre to buy milk powder stage 1

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What I saw is.. yes

Redmart has no more, this is really crazy

8mo ago

😪 Make me kiasu already... Trying to get extra two tins incase of out of stock or what if down with one tin

If can wait for delivery, redmart still have stock.