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hi mummies,my LO have been drinking stage 1 enfamil ,im a new mum, i didnt knw i need to change to stage 2 after 6mth... when i found out ,my baby is abt 10mth old so when i called the enfamil hotline , the person told me i can still feed her till she reached 1yr, she then ask me to change gradually to stage 3 and skip the stage 2, telling me not to mix together with stage 1and 3 milk powder, now my LO just reached 1yr old , she reject the stage 3 milk powder and she still prefer the stage 1 milk powder, so what shld i do now? continue to give the stage 1 milk powder? or change to stage 2 then slowly to stage 3? or try changing another formula brand of stage 3? #advicepls

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Babies after 1 year old dun require as much milk now . They will need more solid foods . They can even drink fresh milk . My LO drank less than 600ml a day . More on water and solid

Try stage 2 first? Shd be able to mix stage 1 and 2 tgr. After that mix stage 2 and 3. If doesn’t work, change formula brand. No choice le