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This may sound funny to others. I have super bad eyesight . Can i wear contacts lens or specs during labour?

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Yes definitely if it's normal delivery! I have a very bad eyesight too but when I gave birth (4 times) I dont wear any specs or contacts cos too busy with the labour pain and I will sleep when the epidural is on 😅 Just don't forget to take out your lens after that. I don't think you can wear any if c-sect. I may be wrong on that part also lah.

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I wore specs.. didn’t wear contact lens cause I wouldn’t know how long I will be in labour, and I wanted to sleep before delivery. My eyes would get really uncomfy if worn contact lens for too long. It’s also easier cause you don’t have to worry about removing them before/after delivery.

Haha I had the same question in my head since finding out I'm pregnant! I don't ever leave the house in specs cos I don't like how I look in specs 😔. Was also wondering if I can wear contact lens during labour so I'll feel less awkward. If only I had done Lasik😅!

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Not sure about contacts, but I did wear my glasses for normal delivery! Couldn’t be bothered for contacts! My labour lasted whole day. And by the time baby was out, I was too tired for anything. So glad didn’t wear contacts.

I wore spectacles into the delivery room, but took it off after epidural and I went to sleep. In the end, I delivered without it, and only saw my baby clearly after they finished cleaning her haha

I’m not sure about it , i only know that doctor will ask you to remove every accessories that you’re wearing .

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I wear specs during labour cause I can’t life without specs😆

I worse glasses..can't be bothered with contacts then..hahaaa

depnd on gynae.. my gynae dont allow contact lens

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I wore contact lens during delivery