I love carrots. My grandmother used to tell me that carrots are good for eyesight. I ate many carrots as a kid, but alas I have poor eyesight. Would organically grown carrots be better at helping me improve my eyesight or should I just go for lasik?

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I think that you should just go for lasik. Organically grown carrots just refers to a farming practice that is cleaner but does not mean that there is anything different about the carrot. Organic is not the same as genetically modified. There are many reasons as to why people have poor eyesight. Genetics. - if your parents wear spectacles, or even if your grandparents wear spectacles, there is a good chance for you too. Daily practices that leads to eye strains, and much much more. Unless your myopia or "eye condition is very mild" - myopia less than 100 for example, there is nothing in the world that can help it except for glasses and lasik (if you want to)/new technologies that manipulate the lens of your eye. Yes carrots are good for the eyes, but that is it. It doesn't mean it makes it a medicine.

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