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My son is turning 4 this year and still uses diapers at night. He no longer wears diapers in the day. But 8 out of 10 nights, he will wet his pants. Strangely, his diapers still remain dry. Any good diapers brand to recommend so I dont have to keep washing the sheets every morning?

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Is it because he moves around a lot in his sleep and the diaper moved too? Merries and Mamypoko are the more absorbent brands and you said his diapers remained dry. It might not be whether the brand is good but rather the cutting doesn’t fit your LO? Some tips I got from online when my LO was wetting the bed. Try bigger size if current size is not the largest yet. Try other brands of diapers and find one with cutting that fits your LO. If tummy sleeper, can try wearing the back of diapers in front. Make sure his penis points downwards when diaper is being put on.

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Hi, how bout trying charnins.. Available on shoppee and they r cheap and thin.. I've been using them for more than a year now..

can try amico japanese brand available @ shopee

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Merries wil be my recommendation

3y ago

currently am using merries. even tried mamy poko..

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Try Goo.N or Merries


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