My 2y3m is rejecting wearing pampers

Hi all moms, my LO is already potty trained but at night/nap time I will let him wear his diapers as I’m afraid he might wet the bed. But today he keeps rejecting wearing a diapers and made a fuss & I do not want him to wet the bed... is there any other solution to avoid him wetting the bed ?

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It's good he reject by themself. The hardest I'd when you wana wean them off... I stop putting diapers as long as my child can speak. Also about 1 half to 2 years old.. Bed wetting is unavoidable. U have to let them learn of u don't wake up to pee you will wet the whole bed. And mummy has to put a plastic protection of cos.. It took quite awhile for my boy to stop wetting the bed although not everyday. Bring them to toilet before sleep. Sit on toilet bowl for 5 min.

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My colleague put it on for her kid after he/she went to sleep. Else you can use waterproof mattress protector like what others mentioned.

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Training pants? U cn also put the waterproof mattress protector so he wont directly wet the bed

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For our queen bed i used the brand NocheNoche frm baby fair.. for their cot/mattress i used the one piece to put on top.. it doesnt have a brand lah just got it off baby fair..

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My girl too. She even removed her diapers herself sometimes. Headache.

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I use waterproof mattress protector just in case.

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Use waterproof mattress cover