When was the first time you were amazed by your child?

My son never failed to amaze me every single day — may it be as simple as how much he loves making his own song based on what he’s seeing/playing to how well he knows the 8 planets in the solar system and the list could go on and on. But I remember the first time I was amazed by him was when he started to learn how to crawl. He was in bed roaming around until he was about to reach the edge of the bed, I immediately told him “Matteo, don’t go to the edge of the bed. You might fall” and I was surprised that he stopped and turned back! Like he understood me. I thought that was just a coincidence but when he did it again and warned him, he turned around again and didn’t go to the edge. Since then, I never had any worries every time he crawls on the bed. He never fell off the bed even once, he knew his limitation at an early age and yes he understood us even before he could speak. It is true when they say that you should not underestimate your child! Amazing possible right?! Another one when he was sick, and I was very anxious because they had to extract blood from him for some tests. He saw how worried I was and he held my face and said “Don’t worry mommy, I will be okay”. Right at that moment, tears fell from my eyes and gave him a tight hug. He kept on saying “I love you mommy. I will be okay”. His reassurance made me feel better. Another amazing possible knowing you have a very compassionate child. Like any other parent, nothing can be more rewarding than seeing your child reach or unlock a milestone. The joy that parents feel in their hearts for each amazing possible is beyond compare. Throughout the years, ?????é ?????? has remained a partner of parents all over the world in nourishing every child. So let’s continue to ??????? ???? ?????’? ????? ????????? and ?? ?????? ?? ???? ????? ??? ????. #NANKIDPH #AmazingPossibles #TheAsianParentPH #TAPVIPMoms

When was the first time you were amazed by your child?
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