Will baby overeat solid?

My son is 10m old. His appetite suddenly increased when he hits 9m. He will finish whatever is on his bowl. Do I give more food or limit to what he has? My cutting portion for him: 1 full small sweet potato 1/3 - 1/2 carrot; depending on size 1/2 avocado 1/4 tofu 1/2 my palm size pumpkin Usually I will mix 2/3 food into 1 bowl for him. (Eg. 1 sweet potato + 1/4 tofu + broccoli)

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May b growth sprout , let him eat healthy food than junk .. it should b ok .. check with his weight as can’t reach to obesity..

Follow baby cue. I saw KKH guideline is 3 servings a day. Each serving is around 2 adult palm size. Not inclusive milk intake

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It’s normal to have growth spurts like this. My LO too experienced it around this stage. :)

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I think this is fine. If he wants more you'll be able to tell. Just remember not to overfeed.

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No need to decrease nor increase his food portion. It’s good as it is...

Hey, I think it is fine. This is because of the growth phase of the child

Usually they would know to stop when full, could be growth spurt