Sometimes I don't know should I be happy/ worry or unhappy. My MIL gave my son to try/ a few little sip of coke (whenever we drink coke, she will ask us gv a little bit for my son), milo and marigold yogurt. The rest only tried once with a sip. He is turning 6 months soon. I told her, don't give my son to try sweety food or drinks. She say nvm. Just a vy little sip only. And I'm staying with my MIL. I dk what should I feel. She is good. Just that I dk how should I be reacted to this issue ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

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Coke is a big no no. Do try and explain to your mil, soft drinks pose a risk of dental caries because of their high sugar content and enamel erosion because of their acidity.