How to make LO drink water?

My girl don't really like to drink water. Especially from water bottle I tried different kinds of water bottles, but she just pushes them away without even taking a sip. I try to use children cup but it doesn't work, so far she only drinks a bit if we use adult glass cups to feed her. Any tips or ideas how to make her drink water from water bottle?

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Super Mum

Try giving her cool water (NOT ice water). Teach and encourage her to fill her cup or how to use the water dispenser on the fridge. (Of cos depending on her age). Set up a reward system when your child drinks more water. Give your child a reward sticker for drinking their water or do a special dance when they give you an empty bottle.Be a role model. The more your children see you carrying out healthy habits, the more likely they are to do the same.

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2y ago

thank u for the advice!