Sling diaper bag better or backpack type? I'm looking for a diaper bag to bring to infantcare, so i would really need a big and spacious one which i can put baby's bathing stuff, extra clothes, few pieces of diapers, milk bottles and stuffs. Which would u recommend based on carrying all those things to infantcare?

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Definitely backpack! I’m using Jujube Minibe to pack my girl’s items for school. Its a bit more expensive than regular backpack though. So if you’re keen, you can go to the baby fair this weekend to take a look before deciding if you wanna buy. It’s cheaper during the fair. If no fair, hardly will be able to find jujube bags on promo.

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Baby's bathing stuff and diapers can usually be kept at the IFC. Check the size of the cubby hole or cabinet at the school also. You might not want to get an oversized bag where it is difficult for the teachers to keep the bag.


Since this is something you will be carrying/using quite heavily, nd at least for the next year, I too suggest a backpack to ease the weight on your shoulders.

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Infant Care bag you can try those huge soft foldable bag. Easier for the teachers to retrieve items in them too

Definitely opt for bag pack.. not too worry, the bathing stuff and diaper most likely u can keep at ifc..

I like shoulder bags. Those soft kind. Easier for the IFC teachers to take things out too

Backpack, I recommend Skip Hop brand. Lightweight and can put a lot of things inside.

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I prefer backpack as the weight is distributed on both shoulders and not on one only.

Bagpack for sure, as it’ll balance the weight between both your shoulders

backpack type will be more spacious & convenient for you & bb.