You're Doing Great.

Here's to all the sleep-deprived momma's, to moms second doubting their ability to raise and care for their child well, to moms who were told "ang pangit mo magbuntis" because their post-partum body isn't ideal to this society, to moms who are tending to their loved ones even if they need the tending too. Momma,you're not alone. You do you. It's a tough process to learn that you need to love and be easy to yourself. You're doing great.

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Thanks :) I already learned to stay away with toxic people and didn't mind them, this is me and I don't need their high standards in appearance just to look nice to them. I dnt care if I have post partum acne, stretch marks, belly bag and getting fat I still look good "inside" no matter what others may judge how I look now :) thanks for sharing this, I know a lot of pregnant and post partum women are suffering from judgements of how they look. Just don't mind toxic people who only know is judge and making other people look bad

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3y ago

Super agree to this! No one can beat the beauty of delivery a child ♥️