10m plus not yet speak mama baba

Should i be worry for my LO, she have yet to speak mama baba

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dun worry, my lo 14 months. only call papa n not mama. haha

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Dun worry about having to hit milestones. Converse with them more, read more books. It will come when they are ready :)

It’s still early, my son starts saying mama when he was close to 1yr old

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Every baby has their own pace. Should not worry :)

Still early!

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my LO is 14months and he hasnt speak mam too. only papa. so sad

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Be patient, it's still early ☺️

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My daughter only said baba and mama properly at almost 2 yo 😂 The average age is around 14 months. Don’t worry. Now my girl talks non stop

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Ekkk still so early!!!