Should I start my baby on fruit, veg or rice cereal? My mother tells me to start with rice congee, but I'm not too sure this is the right way.

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Hi Emelie, After 6months, baby's iron stores will more of less be depleted. Baby needs iron to grow, hence Iron fortified cereals (rice, brown rice or oats) are ideal first foods. It is gentle and easy to digest, low in allergens and provides baby with energy for growth. Fruits will be later in the list because once baby gets used to the sweetness in fruits, it will be an uphill task to introduce plain tasting veggies. Congee can be introduced later as a tasty congee requires a combinatio of ingredients (not ideal for young baby). When baby is ready, cook rice in a fresh stock so that the congee will be flavourful, add steamed veggies/meat to make it more nutritious.

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