Buying Diapers first before delivery?

Should I be getting pampers before I pop? I am not sure of what size to get as well since my edd is 9 Jan. But there is 11.11 sales so quite tempted to get it first.

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Sign up with all the diaper brands/go to the next baby fair to get samples. All the newborn sizes for each brand have different cuttings/fit. Perhaps buy one carton of NB size of your preferred brand first then see if it works well. Even within the same brand, eg. Huggies Platinum and Huggies Gold, the size/cutting for newborn size is quite different. For my baby who had really skinny thighs initially, most brands would result in leakage at the thighs. Huggies Gold, Mamy Poko Air Fit and Drypers had a tighter fit. Merries, Pampers and Huggies Platinum had bigger cuttings

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It's always good to be well prepared and no harm getting the Pampers early. As for me, I got it after baby is born (always a last min person) and it's also fine as long the Pampers that hospital provides are sufficient for your baby (I managed to bring home 1 extra pack that was paid for in the discharged bill). Personally I like the brand "Pampers" as I felt it has great absorbent.

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Yes you can stock up first since 11.11 is coming. Buy Newborn pampers. Which brand you are considering? The cutting can be different too Sizes eg : NB, S, M etc When nb is out, You may need to change 10-12pcs a day ( poo n pee ) Depends on your baby’s weight when you deliver. If it’s not enough, you can buy again

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4y ago

Brand like Pampers , Merries, mamy poko moony , goon are good. Recommend to get From Japan Brand:) Huggies new packaging you can consider also. You can get all the samples brand , from the website. And compare all the NB sizes. I bought premium pampers for my nb back then. The cutting is slightly bigger. No rash or anything. You can try. If you brand like pampers , you can continue. If not you can try Merries etc Merries, many poko moony I bought S size. ( 4-8kg ) You can switch the diapers day & night see which is not leaking. If it’s leaking, you can up 1 size to try out. If you like Premium pampers NB You can buy RedMart (1packet per 1 address only) theres 50% off at $11.95 ( 66pcs ) - up to 5KG NB. Suggest nb you can buy 2 packets first if by then you baby is still small size , you can add 1 packet. Then you see how it goes. Or NB two packets + S two packets. In case your baby is already 5kg after using two packets, you can use S size straight away :)

One pack of NB-sized diapers will be enough for a start if you want to buy some in advance. Or if you like the diaper that your hospital uses, get a family member to buy some before you get discharged. I buy my diapers from local sellers on Lazada; they usually arrive within the next 1-2 days.

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Request for free samples + go for baby fair. Supermom fair goodie bag included one entire packet (67 pieces) of newborn diapers previously. I had a total of 80+ diapers of newborn size, enough to tide me thru till my girl reach the next size (S).

Nb size don't buy too much.. Maybe 1 or 2 packs. If really wanna take advantage of the sale and have the storage space, stock up on M size diapers as it lasts a long long time. Mine started M size at ard 3+ months


Just buy 1 nb first. They will go into S size very fast. Check out lazada they have promo for pampers premium. I only got 1 pack 1 month before my edd.

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Just buy a pack to standby, newborn size. As babies will use alot of diapers in the initial stage. If not, go to baby expo to get free samples!!

Or.. u can go for the next single dae sales 12.12 😁 usually I juz buy a packet of newborn first. To test the suitability on my baby.

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Buy NB and get free samples from different brand to test. Hospital will give the remaining unused Diapers too.