Sharing my experience here. I’m suppose to be in my 11 weeks of pregnancy, but just find out that baby heartbeat had stop some time back. My husband and i were happily waiting for the week 11 of gynae appointment and scan to see our baby. The appointment suppose to be this Saturday. But I saw brown towards black discharge on Sunday (7days before the appointment). Follow by watery discharge with a little of pinky on Monday. I was in a shock, but I thought it should be normal because a lot of people do experience browny or pinky discharge. The next day I woke up and saw urine with blood. I know something could have happened. I went to my gynae, hoping that nothing wrong with the baby. But the result was, baby heartbeat had stop at around 7-8weeks of my pregnancy. It’s a heartbreaking news to both my husband and I because we have been waiting for three years. The baby came quietly and goes quietly. Nothing we can do. To all mummies, don’t find discharge as normal. If you find something unusual, just consult doctor, I think they have better and professional answer to our problem.

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Super Mum

😢❤️ Big hug for you. Please rest well and surround yourself with loving people. Just said a little prayer for you..