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Went gynae when I was 7 weeks pregnant but gynae could only see a sac without heart beat and it was measured around 5 weeks. Was advise to go back again the next week. The next week (by right is 8 week preg) we saw the heart beat but it was irregular and slow. BTW I was also bleeding since 7 weeks. So I have been on medication n injection to stop the bleeding but still bleeds. And now with small blood clots everyday. My husband read that such pregnancy the baby might not come out to be healthy. I'm worried. Anyone encounter this, can share your experience with me? With the bleeding continues, I think the pregnancy can't be full term? Does my situation really means my baby will turn out abnormal? #pregnancy #advicepls

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I have spotting issue too on week 5.. This is threatened miscarriage.. Dr should have started you on progesterone med.. The duration of spotting (light bleeding) varies.. Some ppl resolve in a few days, some a few weeks. What you should do now is to stay relax and rest more. At the mean time, monitor for your spotting / bleeding.. If it gets more (blood soaked the sanitary pad, similar amount as period), then will advice you to visit gynae immediately as miscarriage might happen.. Any bigger blood clot (size bigger than 50cent coin) also something we need to worry.. Stay relax and optimistic for now until Yr next gynae appointment, some ppl have weeks of spotting but manage to have smooth pregnancy with healthy baby also.. Take care ya, mummy 😊

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Hey mama, my heart goes out to you. Conception and birth are miraculous things but they are also one of life’s greatest mysteries. We don’t have control over many things. I may not be able to identify nor relate as I haven’t experienced what you’re going through. However, if I may suggest and ask, trust your instincts and pray. Sometimes we just have to let go and let Mother Nature do her thing. I know it’s easier said than done. But all this stress isn’t doing you good either. Just trust that a higher power is working its magic. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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