Confinement nanny

Sharing my bad experience: First nanny dozed off while feeding my 4 day old baby. Dropped bottle on the floor didn't wash continue to feed. The baby's neck slipped off her arms couple of times. Replacement nanny failed to cook nutritious meals for me. When baby has diaper rash, no solution was given to me. I had to google what to do. Above all, CN kissed the baby on the cheeks many times. On the head, I can close one eye. Kissing on the cheek is what us as parents don't even do to the newborn. Each time baby fuss, CN will say baby is hungry. When baby fuss for quite some time, I carried him and she has things to comment: - telling me he gets used to carrying, jialat. - where I'm carrying him to? - don't always carry. My advise is to get from a reputable agency or just order confirnement food and get your own family to help out. My experience with bumblebee confinement was a bad one. I thought having one is better than nothing. I went ahead with them because all reputable ones were fully booked to 2022.

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