Share some activities you would do with your toddlers?

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You can play making things with clay dough, hand printing; like put colour all over his hand and then make him have its print on the paper. It will have the imprint of his hand it looks so good. You can even get it framed. You can also play with blocks and try making buildings or vehicles or different other things. Play hide and seek. Put music and dance with him. He will not only enjoy but get tired, therefore, will eat well and sleep well too.

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maybe can do finger painting / fruit/veg painting . which the child will have lot of fun. or bring the child outdoor playground with a big soft ball. . u can check this page which i find some interesting way for bonding with kid to play with

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Dancing! You can put on your favourite songs (or their favourite songs) and dance around with your toddler. Dancing promotes toddlers' sense of awareness, motor skills and I haven't met a toddler who doesn't enjoy music and moving around. Record his/her dancing - it makes a great keepsake (and laugh) for the future.

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We love to do role playing with my 3 and 1-year olds. My eldest is used to doing monolog since he was a year old. Until now, he enjoys creating make-believe stories and he invites us to be part of his stories. LOL We're also into singing and dancing, and 'cooking sessions.' too :)

We draw/paint at home. I buy Lego and ask her to build it with her dad(so they have their own special moments), we go to USS a lot(get the season ticket). When there are good stage plays around, we try to bring her to those too. She goes for gymnastics also on Saturdays.

Finger painting! Painting is messy, creative and absolutely fun for toddlers and it costs next to nothing to enjoy regularly. If you're looking for edible paint recipes, here's one:

Motor skills activities to train them for future writing and sports. Threading, scooping , filling up water with dropper , pincing with tongs etc. I also like pretend play, you dont need elaborate costume just lots imagination

Football/Soccer. Its a lot of fun! Its great to see your toddler having fun. Its also good for developing hand/foot eye co-ordination, awareness and motor skills. Toddlers also seem to enjoy ball games in general.

Painting clay she helps make the paint and clay you can find a ton of recepies online for play dough clay slim etc.

Habulan, reading stories, watching you tube nursery rhymes, singing, dancing, food tasting, sawsaw suka =)