To our soon-to-be mummies ...

How was your sex drive during pregnancy? Comment below if its 'Low', 'Medium' or "High' ?

To our soon-to-be mummies ...
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Depends which trimester😅 1st: moderate 2nd: high 3rd: low (tired easily with back pain & regular braxton hicks)

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low. not sure why but sex was painful during pregnancy 😔 tried it twice and didn't want to try a third time

Low, have tried once and both of us were worried that we would hurt the baby. So we gave up.

1st trimester: high 2nd trimester: low 3rd trimester: low (no more till current)

Low. Wish it was high. But I’m just an exhausted mama

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First trimester was very low but after it got better

same as high. my hubby can't keep up. 😁

Non existent , even now post pregnancy 7.5 months

1st tri - high 2nd tri - low 3rd tri - high

No difference for my wife