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My sex drive is crazy! I have higher sex drive than my hubs when I'm pregnant now at 8 months. I feel like having sex everyday! Anyone else experiencing this?

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Yes I actually feel like I am more sexually active now that I am pregnant. Still having sex with hubby 2-3x a week and I am on my 30+ weeks already. I noticed a higher sex drive for me since 2nd tri. And when hubby goes to work I feel weak I dun have energy at all. Hubby seems to be liking it when I ask for it.

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Won’t feel like having sex everyday but will want to have sex at least once a week. I will masterbate when husband is not at home since our rest days are different. But then my nipples will become super sensitive when he sucks or squeeze it?!

me too oh gosh but you lucky leh, i couldn't have it cause of the pelvic pain and it's been weeks but the pain is still not helping huhuhu

Hahaha! I thought I was the only one.. hubby called me “horny” 🤣

It's pretty normal. Different Mommies experience different hormones😊

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I've heard some pregnant ladies will have. You're not the only one

For me no. But always have sex dream.. lol dunno why

im only 5 months but something similar

For me no ....

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C a doc?