Sanofi famhealthy child development from A to Z

SANOFI FAMHEALTHY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT FROM A-Z TALKS ABOUT OUR CHILDREN’S DEVELOPMENT. From the day we conceive our little one to the day they are born, the stages of development (early starter to late bloomer), a support system (guidance from the parents and the rest of the family), as well as environmental factor. All these were discussed during the live webinar (theasianparents facebook page). 1. Acceptance- you need to accept that you are giving birth to a Down syndrome baby, a baby that is yours who is a unique individual, who also needs you, mom/dad. 2. Support system- like any other child, your baby needs full support of the family and outside support. 3. Knowledge- learn what you can about your child, treat your child like a child, not the label your child has. 4. Love- give love, spread love, show love 5. Help- there are a support/help available for parents with special needs @bestbuddies_ph they provide individuals with all the help they need, as well as new learning for parents on how to reach out to their kids. #sanofiacts #famhealthy #bestbuddiesph

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Very well said momsh! Super inspiring ❤️