Is it safe to use baby powder on my newborn?

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I'm against it, it might cause some respiratory reactions, your newborn might inhale them and could have some breathing problems and it might damage their lungs if it becomes very serious It can seriously irritate them as well, especially if he or she has respiratory illness, if your baby is not at risk of it, and you decide to use powder, do so but put it on your hands first and away from him/her. :)

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It's a no-no for infants. Even toddlers, as much as possible, we don't put powder on them. Kung pawisan, much better if you choose a better body wash kesa idaan mo sa powder.

American Academy of Pediatrics advised against the use of baby powder especially the ones that contain talc. Your baby may develop breathing problems if these were aspirated

Not safe on new born babies kasi it can trigger allergies. I've had asthma and allergies since I was a kid kaya pinagbawal talaga sakin ang powder.

Prone po sa asthma at other related resiratory problems or disease ang baby powder so huwag na lang po gamitin sa baby.

hala! buti po nabasa ko to kasi 3 months palang po baby ko nilalagyan ko na po siya ng powder at lotion

From what I've heard fro fellow-parents, it's not advisable because it might trigger early asthma to babies.

Not advisable as per my own pedia when I was a kid, and also my babies' pedia now. It may trigger asthma.

Baby powder, lotion and colognes are not advised by pedias. Some are even against baby oils as well.