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Right after delivery, my breast produce lots of milk until overflow. I've been breastfeeding all the time to my lo. But now on the 3rd week, my milk flow is getting lesser, everytime my baby latch, itseems like not enough for him & he will start crying. If I pump now, I only get 2 oz from 1 side, another side not doing its job. Before this I can get more on each side. Please help me how to increase my milk supply mommy's... Thanks.

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Try to consume ESP by SHAKLEE. good for bf mommy. It's natural If you want to try it, just let me know. No worries. Im shaklee's members. No extra charge. Just members price (plus you need to cover postage fee) **trying to help

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hai, please do folllow this ig page and read about the breastfeeding topic there, hope this help you. tq

join group di Facebook.

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