Any remedies for scars (insect bites) for my 10-month-old baby?

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Hi mommy, this is a good read article about keeping your child’s skin soft and healthy. you try to read it might help

You can try applying natural oils like Sunflower Oil or Coconut Oil. It should do the trick. Aside from that, you can try insect bite balms like Human Heart Nature Rescue Balm

Ako lucas papaw for my 2 year old baby kahit sken kagatin kasi ako lamok, kapag may makati na ako na feel ayun nilalagyan ko na tapos nawawala na yung kati after ilang mins.

aloevera. i used it on my niece when she got stung by a redant. she stop crying immediately.try putting in the fridge so its cold.

Cold compress and clean with water. As much as possible if you can scratch it yourself gently whenever she tries to do it.

Natural remedies include aloe Vera and cleaning affected area with water and pat dry. They will heal naturally.

Hi, you may find this article useful:

when my baby get insect bite i just use shaklee cream.. it will disappear mummy..

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where to buy?any picture

I mom used to use turmeric when I was a kid to remove scar