Safe insect repellent for pregnant mummies

Hi mumsies! Help! Any recommendations for safe & effective insect repellent? I have never used insect repellent and never gotten bites. But eversince I'm pregnant, I m more prone.

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Hi, i encountered the same issue as you ! Is it because of the pregnancy hormones? Btw, i use mostly mosquito repellent patch. Just paste several patches on clothes upper and lower body. Sometimes i use spray, those written as deet free, toxin free, or even natural ingredients repellent if u want to be really safe. Avoid going outdoor during evening, when there's high chance you get harrassed by mosquitoes.

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2y ago

I guess so...cause I m a very outdoor person and has never gotten mosquitoe bites...perhaps we are sweeter. LOL!

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Chicco, little tree. I think those safe for babies will be safe for preg mummies.

I use Tiger Balm mosquito repellent patches. It's safe for kids too!

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Try tiger brand insects repellent. It’s quite effective

Try mosquito patches, they are effective

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Theo10, a made in Singapore product!

Thank love. Will check it out!

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Citronella oil mosie patches

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Use the Mossie patch.

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Use mosquito patches