Any recommendations where can I buy beansprout pillow?

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Write a reply!online-store/cw2o/!/Buckwheat-Husk-Pillow/c/13001029/offset=0&sort=normal I bought this from them earlier this year, no regrets! they sterilise their buckwheat husk using industrial standards we don't have to worry about finding bugs thriving! apparently, they also customize pillow case designs :)

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You may wanna try getting buckwheat pillow instead, the beans are lighter and they've also been roasted to remove bugs and other contaminants. Here's some info on buckwheat pillows, hope it helps! You also can search at baby fair as I bought it for my baby at baby fair .

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can buy from Watson or Fairprice Xtra. the filling are asthmatic safe leaves which are dried and it won't turn powdery after a long time!

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