Any recommendations for nasal aspirator, or the pump to suck out the mucus? I'm using the nuk but like not super effective cos my LO nose still stucked after use...

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I'm using this type. Personally feel it's better but you really need to use a bit of strength for those stubborn mucus stuck dip inside. Can use eye drops (normal saline - can be found pharmacy) to dilute the mucus and suck out. Usually we use normal saline to dilute and suck out the mucus so it's not so watery again, than use nose dry to dried it up. It's work better. If not nose drop run out like nv use like that.

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You can consider this Lucky Baby Easi Clear Nasal Aspirator: Place the white tip at your baby's nose (after applying a few drops of saline solution) and remove the mucus by sucking on the other end.

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we went to pd yest and the Pd gave us saline. after dropping into the nose, 5 mins later, use the nasal aspirator to suck it out. use it before feeding.

Hi, I'm using this! Works very well for me! Website:

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5y ago

hi. where can I get this?

i used pigeon before..but i find it not good. got the nosefrida and able to suck out alot! get the nosefrida!

I swear by using this! Extremely useful for getting rid of all those mucus! Got it from Amazon :)

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i'm using pigeon 1 too. feel it's really very gd. helps on my daughter when she having bad flu.

u should try the pigeon i find it easy too pump it as u need to put at the side and press it.

I use pigeon one , for me it's good , if too sticky can spray sterimar before suck the mucus

I use Nose Frida. It's good. Use saline spray before that for better effect.