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Hi, any recommendations for maternity pads? Thanks

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Only Kotex carries them, not sure for other brands. But I personally prefer the usual pads we use during our period to maternity pads, as the latter is rather thick and uncomfy. Consider getting those longer ones as bleeding after delivery can be quite heavy.

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Pureen has maternity pads but I also feel that your normal sanitary pads are good enough. I bought and didn’t use in the end

I purchased Mothercare pads! I used Kotex and Pureen beofre. But prefer the Mothercare ones. It feels softer.

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Any long pads with SOFT material esp if is natural birth. You wound will thank you for that


I used normal sanitary pads. Can get those longer or overnight ones like 42cm kind.

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I use laurier or sofy the normal pad i usually use but with longer length

Hello dear, you can use any pad which you use for your regular periods

Sofy cooling pads. Those were saviours with a 3rd degree tear!!!

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Kkh gave me kotex! I bought Pureen but ended up not using

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I've got sofy 42 cm with wings for night heavy flow.