2.5 year old frequent night terrors

Hi really need abit help here. My 2.5 yr old has been experiencing somewhat like night terrors almost every night. She will start yelling n crying v loud sometime between 3-6am (depending) almost every night. If we are lucky, cuddling calm her down enough to go back sleep while some nights can be really bad when she goes into full hysterical meltdown n just cry n yell non stop and nothing can stop her except a bottle of milk. After milk she will still moan n cry a while but will fall sleep shortly. Sometimes she say she's scared but she can't tell us of what so we think it's night terrors but we can't be sure. We have minimised screen time before bed and she doesn't really have problems falling asleep but I think she's getting below the amount needed (max 11h a day) since she doesnt sleep well. Anyone has similar experience can share what helped? Anything we can do or should we bring her for sleep studies??? Feel so helpless and exhausted 😩

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Your LO might be over stimulated with her toys / activities that she does during the day. Or she has dinner too late or too little of an amount. Or could be just a leap she’s going through. Try to make little changes like changing the activities or have toys that aren’t too over stimulating. Just try and if no changes, pay a visit to the paeds. They’ll help you. All the best!

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3mo ago

thanks. nowadays she wake up for milk she will yell I want milk until u give it to her. once drink finish she will go back to sleep. I think it has become habit which I need to correct but if don't give she will keep yelling 😪