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Is it really must to avoid harmful ingredients of each skincare products for pregnancy and breastfeeding ? If that’s the case, the skincare products that’s not yet empty before the pregnant news is it must be thrown away ? Can’t we just use it anyway ??

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It's up to your own discretion but for me the price of the products is not worth the risk so I'd rather throw. After giving birth / while breastfeeding there's a lot less restriction though. Currently I restrict almost nothing except no alcohol

I avoid products that contain parabens. Some study research mention it will affect pregnancy baby growth. Read the product ingredients. Just be on the safer side :)

I still continue using my current one. As I also checked with my gynae and she mentioned it’s not necessary to change.

Hi, I would use my existing skin care products until I am experiencing any allergy of any kind


Unless I have some reaction to it, otherwise I will use my current skin care products.

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Depends on ingredient. I stopped using when preg it product label states so.

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You can continue to use your usual products. It won’t harm your baby.

I would still use if basic skin care and nothing that u consume

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I used it. Don't think they can penetrate so deeply anyway.

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I continue to use my existing skincare products