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Do we really have to wait for baby to be 6 months to introduce solids like fruit purees? My baby is only 5 months 18 days but always pity him when he sees me eating. He will also mimic me eating and salivating. Aiiyooo poor thing. But of course I'll try not to eat around him. He is exclusively breastfed and refuse drinking from bottle or formula.

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You can try letting him taste some fruits now. My PD gave me the green light at 4 mo as baby was alr able to sit up without support to his neck and can straighten his back well. I started with some Cerelac mixed with BM but he didn't really like it much. Then I gave him to suck on some fruits like pear and tt's when he started to like solids. Transitioned to puree at 5 mth till now almost 6 mth. But of coz his milk intake remains as I give solids in between his milk feeding time, just for him to be familiar with the taste.

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1y ago

wow ok that's great! but sorry if this sounds silly but do i give fruit or vegetable puree first like pumpkin etc.