How to wean off bm? My son is 16 months old, he direct latch ever since he was a baby. When he was younger, he still uses the bottles and etc, but not anymore. When he doesnt see me, he doesnt eat or drink anything, on good days he only will eat solids. But his solids intake aint good either. I've tried supplementing with formula : Isomil & Dumex Soy, but he rejected all of them, not even my frozen stash of bm. (He is allergic to cow's milk, so not an option). Any mummy can advise me? Thanks

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Frozen EBM has a metallic taste which may not appeal to him. Same cos for HA and soy milk as it may taste bitter. You probably need to start with freshly pumped BM in bottles to get him used to drinking from bottles or straw cups etc first, instead of latching. Then replace BM with other milk sources, so he adjusts to one thing at a time. May need "cold turkey", to let him starve if he doesn't want to eat or drink, don't give in to latching.. when he's hungry, he would eat or drink eventually..

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