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Hi mummies. My baby is 7 months. At this age he’s suppose to weight 8.5kg according to the doc in poly. But he’s only 7kg. He drinks milk 120ml but sometimes he doesnt finish it. Only at night when he’s sleeping we’ll give him 150ml and will finished up. Also his eating usually i’ll give rice, carrot and meat sometimes all these i’ll blend but he only eats a little. I dont really everyday gave the same thing. I’ll change recipe at times. How to resolve this issue? Quite worrying.

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Normal when baby has started solid. Their milk intake will decrease. My baby is 7 mths and 11 days, born premature. His corrected age is 6 mths 12 days. Feed solid twice a day. Went for his checkup last friday and I was expecting him to be 8kg but his weight was 7.7kg which is 50% percentile for his corrected age. His milk intake was less than 4 times a day (180ml each time) so I decided to lessen his solids. He can eat 2 bowls of cereal (4 milk scoops) so now I only give him 1 bowl and make sure he have his milk first before his solid or I'll give him rice cereal mixed with his milk. Sometimes I also give him homemade baby foods. For now I'm not worried about his food intake cos he really eats well but I had to lessen them cos for now his staple is still milk until 1 yrs old. If at 1 yrs old his food intake is not good then I'll worry.

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Hey Mama, baby seem to still be in the acceptable weight range. As long as baby is growing, happy and meeting his milestones, he should be ok. If you’re still concerned about his food intake, perhaps try increasing frequency? Offer him more and new foods so that you can also figure out what he likes to eat 😊

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