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Hi... Read about all these "pantangs" during pregnancy be it from Chinese or malay myths. How true is it? There's too many till I'm kinda off paranoid. Any opinions? I don't mind taking precautions though

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Erm... Dun comment other kids naughty or disobedient. Dun attend funeral and wedding. (Clash) First tri keep mum. Only announce after 13 weeks. Put adorable baby poster in your room Dun let ppl slap your back or put pressure on your shoulder. Dun let ppl slap or beat your buttock These are the things I avoid during preg.

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2y ago

may i know whats the reasoning behind the last two pantangs you mentioned? just curious as i always kena by my hubby and never heard of it before too😅


I follow most of it just to be safe. Theres this painting of house and sticking thing is very true. Own experience my tummy hurts when there's a minor renovation at home when they drill. Which I'm not suppose to be there the moment I step outside the door and waited outside everything OK.

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Didnt really follow any and baby is fine. Lol husband was drilling and fixing stuff in the living room and i'll be sleeping in the bedroom or helping him to hold something. Also attended weddings.

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I didnt follow and also don't know what are the "pantang" thingy.. lol.. just eat healthy and take care of your health that is more important during pregnancy.

i dont follow any. just be safe as a standard precaution, should be ok. baby came out fine hehe

Actually i felt these are baseless , i did not follow .

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Didn't really follow tbh. Some are really ridiculous.

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These are baseless superstitions so I do not follow

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Didn't follow most of them, health is more impt

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I didn’t follow and everything turned out ok!