Rant: I really hate the idea of favoritism towards male. I heard from my mum that delivery of baby is considered as "unlucky" and it is worse if delivered a baby girl. I mean delivery should be kind of a happy occasion and why should a baby girl be deemed as "even more unlucky"? Just because she is female? What kind of stupid traditions is this? I mean arent they the same? If a mum delivers all girls, does that mean that the mum is super duper "unlucky"? And if a mum delivers all boys mean the mum is super lucky? Actually in our current world, daughters are usually more thoughtful and the ones that care more for the family, taking care of the family. Like marrying off your daughter you gain another son, that kind of analogy. So what the hell has to do with bearing a girl or boy? Shouldnt it be when a woman is able to bear and deliver a baby smoothly considered a great blessing? When can this kind of stupid tradition be passe?

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this mindset is really old ... Many want a baby yet they cant conceive.. so no matter boy or girl it doesnt matter... As long as there is a baby .. I count it blessing... This stupid tradition is really insane... LOL.. If without girl.. How are they going to married next time or how are they going to face future if too many boys

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