Childhood Memories

Just a random question, is it normal to have childhood memories that goes all the way back to 2 years old or even younger? Ever since giving birth to my daughter, I've been having lots of flashbacks and even remember every details of each toy I used to have such as a musical mobile toy that I had when I was a baby that was given as my Full Month celebration gift. I remember it in the exact color and its movement of the toy. I even remember the clothes I used to have, hair clips, shoes, furnitures, and even my emotions and feelings when I was a child. This is so weird but fun at the same time as I discuss all the details with my mom and verify them one by one with her 😂

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Hi, This sounds really cute and awesome at the same time :) Mostly as adults we can't remember our childhood memories but really great if you still do :)

Wow that’s so cool! There’s actually something called childhood amnesia which cause us to not really remember our lives when we were very small.

2mo ago

I went to read abt it earlier on for this childhood amnesia which happened to my hubby and most of my friends. Apparently my hubby thinks its kinda creepy to remember stuffs so young 😅

Strong memories never fade . But majority of people easily forget their childhood when they become adults.

2mo ago

But memories from childhood could be like an everyday usual thing such as the design of my feeding bowl, nursery toy, my play yard color and design in every details. I couldn't find a reason what causes that from Google 😔