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Hello. For those that have 2 kids or more , how u guys handle like how u all teach them not to quarrel/ fight over mayb toys etc….. or mayb about jealousy too …..:)

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Hi I’m a childcare teacher. You can start by reading them bedtime stories about sharing, turn taking, nice words. Also, can start praising your child whenever they share or does turn-taking. (Don’t have to be sharing toys, it can be sharing of food, etc). When they fight, don’t immediately scold them. You get the toy from them and ask what happen. Let one child talk at a time so that you can know the full story. Then based on who’s in the fault, you don’t tell him he is wrong, just let him know that he needs to ask first. Very important: most parents force the sharing act. Nobody likes to be forced to share, when adults say no, we respect each other. Hence, same goes for your child. If your child says no after the sibling asked, you must remember to respect your child who says no. Negotiate with him, ask him how about 5 mins more, then you let didi play?

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4mo ago

Okay understood thank u!