Can pregnant drink chicken essence everyday?

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I saw some brands only recommend taking 2-3 times a week leh. Must refer to the box. Wang chao chicken essence can take daily! Especially suitable for pregnant and lactating mummies. Cause it can help to nourish the body, restore vitality and strength, and help boost milk supply! First time i see chicken essence can help boost milk supply. Should give it a try ◡̈ It’s on promo at expo baby fair today and tomorrow. You can go down and try first before you decide if you wanna buy.

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Had a friend who drank chicken essence fairly frequently, 3 to 4 times a week during her pregnancy. Gave birth to a charming little boy (now 4 years old). Should be fine especially since it is mainly made up of extracts of chicken. But no harm just checking with your gynae during your next checkup.

My ex colleague continued to drink her daily dose of Brand's essence but I'm not too sure if it was the chicken essence or the berry ones. I suppose if it's in moderation it should be okay? Nonetheless, best to get the green light from your doctor first :)

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According to gynae and tcm doc can drink. But only chicken essence with no other ingredients like Tang gui or other herbs

Check with your gynae before you feed yourself and your baby. Chicken essence shouldn't really be an issue if it is in moderation.

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Is it first trimester? Or second trimester? I'm still in my first trimester but I hope to regain my energy when I feel less nauseated

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Oh okok. Thx a lot!

I drink on alternate days. But I only started drinking towards end of my 2nd trimester when fatigue hit me.

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Everyday is abit too heaty I felt. I drink every 3-5 days especially when I need energy boost.

I drank 1 bottle of chicken Essence every morning before I go work.