The most difficult journey of my life🤰

What are/were the common problems in your pregnancy? Share them in the comment below.

The most difficult journey of my life🤰
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Morning sickness, round ligament pain, back pain, being unable to do my usual sports

Frequent urination and morning sickness 😭make me lack of sleep Everytime hais

sleepless nights, backpain, nausea, frequent urination and looking so ugly🙃

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morning sick ess..mood swing ..headaches..leg cramps..back pain

Very bad morning sickness during sec pregnancy than first.

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Backaches, breathlessness and sleeping difficulties!

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mood swing, constipation, frequent urination.

Morning sickness is the worst things ever !!

Leg cramp, heartburn, long covid cough 😢

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Leg cramps, back pain, frequent urination.